Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday: Wow, We're A Mess Over Here

Man, Philly was worth it, but that vacation definitely wrecked us! The photo above is proof of that. What you're looking at, my friends, is a baking soda anti-itch mask on the chesticle area of yours truly. Now, I was expecting to get a heat rash in Philly. HUBS and I did tons of walking, and since I sweat like a robber on a chain gang the minute the temperature goes above 75 even when I'm standing still, I was prepared for some part of my face or neck to break the fuck out.

However, I was not prepared for the itchy, red, bumpy, irritated-by-the-slightest-bit-of-clothing patches that invaded my neck, ears, chest, face and now arms. I've been battling this rash, which, by the by, looks like a serious infectious disease, since the Thursday we were in Philly. That's almost two the fuck weeks, internet!

For that time I've been covered in extra strength hydrocortisone, cold milk compresses, calamine, the blissfully new clear calamine and, as you've seen, baking soda packs. For a brief moment this Saturday it looked like I was rounding the corner; my ears were cleared up and my neck and chest infestations had dried to less itchy but still physically unappealing dark, scaly patches. But by that night I noticed a new infection on other parts of my neck and chest, and now my arms and a bit of face are screwed.

I write to you now covered in Caladryl Clear and having made a dermatologist appointment for tomorrow morning. I hope I don't have scabies or a parasite or something really horrible and odd like that.

Also messed up in our neck of the woods? HUBS. He started getting sick the same day my rash appeared in Philly and, after his own brief period of feeling better, has taken another turn this weekend. He had to take three and a half days off work last week! And now his voice is so hoarse that he sounds like Darth Vader. Poor HUBSY.

So, I want to know, is this what you do Philly? Lure vacationers in with all your history and awesome food and murals, let them spend all their monies and tire themselves out and them make them sick just in time to go home? Is it, Philly?! IS THIS HOW YOU HAVE FUN, PHILLY?!?! SHAME ON YOU!!!

In other news, Marc and J. Lo! Say it ain't so!


Kristen said...

I live in philly! what did you do here? where did eat? what did you like/hate???

citygirl said...

Kristen! Thanks for reading and commenting!

HUBS and I did just about everything you could do in Philly in 5 days. I'll be posting more this week about going to the zoo, several museums, our trips to Camden, Gettysburg, Valley Forge, Atlantic City and Cape May. Not to mention the food at Mosulu, the aquarium and Honey's Sit 'n' Eat.

Honestly, we liked everything about Philly with two exceptions: the slightly ridiculous parking situation (though we were prepared for that) and the trash. There really does seem to be trash everywhere. It's not like that in St. Louis, not even in the heart of downtown.

What's your favorite stuff about Philly? Does the trash bother you?

Kristen said...

holy crap the trash is ridiculous. and center city- where you spent most of your time- is much better than other neighborhoods. i watch ppl toss trash on the ground in front of their houses- i never understand that...

glad you liked philly! i love living here!


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