Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Monday: VMA Edition

Thanks guys. There's just never enough tongue in celebrity photos.

Did anyone watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night? I gave up my award show fascination about 10 years ago, but I still enjoy a brief recap of fashion and faux pas, don't you? Well, here we go!

What folks wear is always the best part. Some people inevitably look good no matter what, but some of our celebs are so desperate to stand out/not-be-forgotten that they'll put on any damn thing and leave the house. Observe...

I mean, what in the crispy fried hell, people?! A mask, Nicki? A head cube, Katy? A...whatever the hell, whoever the hell you are? It's a little bit pitiful how everyone has been so intent on out crazying Gaga for the past couple of years. (Kind of like how everyone wanted to out freaky-couture Rhianna a few years back, but no one ever managed it.) And yet, without this ridiculous motivation, we wouldn't be witness to sights like this, would we?

They all need to just stop, and give Gaga the Crazy Crown. Why? Because this is how that heifer showed up last night:

See? And now no one else can show up dressed like a dude 'cause it'll be obvious they don't have an original fashion thought in their heads. (Not that fashion originality should matter much. Can you sing? That's really all that should count. Alas, the world doesn't quite work that way all the time.) Gaga decided to go all Satchmo Fierce on our asses and debuted her male alter ego Joe Calderone. Apparently she stayed in character for the entire show. Awesome.

In other news? That's right, Bey is gestating:

All VMA pics,

Now, on to more important music stuff. Last week a music legend you may not have heard of died: Nick Ashford. With his wife, Valerie Simpson, he wrote several hits for artists like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Chaka Khan and the duo of Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell.

They also recorded as Ashford & Simpson. Don't tell me you've never heard this one:

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