Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Just Don't Get It

Starbucks 1

After hitting the post office today, I decided to spend some of my birthday cash four doors down at Starbucks. I got a 12 ounce Caramel Brulee Latte and, honestly, I was unimpressed.

This was only the second time in my entire life I've had a Starbucks coffee creation. What am I missing, people? The prices are outrageous (I spent $4.05 on something that wasn't anywhere near as good as the much cheaper cappuccino at Quik Trip) and it isn't what I'd call exceptionally tasty. Sure, it was hot, which is nice on a chilly day, but the flavor was only OK. It's got to be more of an atmosphere thing. Though that doesn't explain all the people who get expensive brew to go.

I have to confess: Starbucks holds no power over me. It's gas station cappuccino all the way for this girl.


D said...

I've never understood the fascination with Starbucks, either.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy hot chocolate and even that is sub par. I also enjoy the occasional cup of tea and will buy their Tazo Zen (or other flavors, but that's my favorite) by the tin, but I won't have them make me one.

Tin of Tazo tea from SB: $5 (approx)
Cup of tea from SB: I don't know, but I bet close to five bucks!

Miss Tracey Nolan said...

I loooove it, but I need a couple of extra shots of espresso in everything just to make it taste like coffee to my abused palette. Which now that I think about it, is weird. Have you tried McD's new coffee yet?

Citygirl said...

I had the McCafe' stuff about a year ago when they were giving them away free every Friday. Those didn't do it for me, either. I guess my coffee palate just isn't that sophisticated.

Wait...did I just call Mickey D's sophisticated? I think I must need a nap!

Citygirl said...

D, sub par is the right phrase as far as I'm concerned!

I must say that I do love their pastries, though. But, as with the coffee, they're too damn expensive to get on any kind of regular basis!

D said...

I don't think I've bothered with a pastry from Starbucks after being so disappointed in their hot chocolate.

Seriously, I put it to my lips expecting a lovely swirl of chocolate-y goodness on my tongue and ended up tasting bark.


Citygirl said...

If you've got $4 to blow on one piece of pound cake or a single muffin, I'd say it's actually worth it.

Eeew, bark isn't a good flavor. Unless it's cinnamon. That's the only good bark I can think of...

D said...

I wish it were cinnamon. I love me some cinnamon.

No, more like dogwood.

I'll have to stop in one day and pick up something tasty, then. :)


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