Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tipday: Rid Yourself of Dream Paralysis

I subscribe to a lot of email lists, most with the hope of learning new things to help me grow as a person or professional. Sometimes, though, it's good to have an old nugget of wisdom re-worded for me and brought to my attention again.

That's what I got today when I finally read a four day old email from Write To Done. It was a guest post written by a guy who started blogging to document the process of writing a novel.

He talked about something I have struggled with for many years: letting my dreams become so big that I can't act on them. The best advice he gave is no less true for being well-known: Decision=Action. If you can make a decision, even a small one, regarding your dream of success/freedom/a better, happier life, it will lead to action. And action leads to (eventually) living your dream realistically. That means living your dream with all the highs and lows and plateaus that were likely stymieing you in the first place.

If dream paralysis has a hold on you, read How To Dream Without Making Dreams Your Master. It just might make a sense of ease wash over you.


Anonymous said...

Not letting your dreams overwhelm your ability to act on them is a problem for a lot of us, I suspect. Sometimes, the more excited you become about a project, the bigger you dream and the more overwhelming it becomes.

They always advise us to break big problems into smaller pieces to solve them. I'm not sure that would work with dreams and ambitions but this was a nice insight into the quandary that a lot of us face on a daily basis.

Thanks for sharing!
Kay in Honolulu, Hawaii

SoMuchSugar said...

I know what you mean about letting dreams get so big you can't act on them... I read it's good to split them into small steps, and act on each step with all the motivation you can muster, every day that you can!

Citygirl said...

Small steps, ladies. Good advice that makes total sense and yet is somehow hard to stick with for me.

Why do I often feel like if I'm not doing the whole thing, I haven't accomplished stuff?

Does anyone else feel like this?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I am able to not do small stuff almost as easily as I am able to not do big stuff. It's a talent :)

Kay in Hawaii

sergio said...

The best project is to be happy and love your loved ones.


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