Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Friday: What's Come Over Me?

Man, I am fuzzy today. I can hardly stay awake and am hoping it doesn't have anything to do with the odd bug/insect bite on my arm (which I am keeping an eye on and luckily it hasn't gotten worse).

Let's move on to some nifty internet things so you can get out there and have a nice weekend...

1) Did you know that there's a Pinterest-like site just for travel? Enter Trippy.

2) I'm considering bowing to social pressure and joining Twitter. When I do, I'll probably follow most of these folks.

3) If you're looking to build an online portfolio, any of these sites can help you for free.

4) You may have noticed that I'm often neck deep in my own psychological issues. Psych Central is a new discovery I've made that's great for those of us dealing with some thangs...Or for anyone interested in how the mind works.

5) Have you checked me out on Pandora yet? I've got 60 stations that cover oldies, soul, jazz, alternative, rock and a new station dedicated to Donna Summer. Check it out!

Enjoy the weekend, lovelies! I think I'm going to need another nap...

1 comment:

Susan Cooper said...

Very cool stuff. I will be checking Trippy out this week end for sure. Thanks sharing. :), Susan Cooper


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