Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday: Anniversaries & Such

HUBS and I went out for our anniversary this week. I won a gift card to a group of restaurants owned by a prominent foodie local, so we were able to try Sugo's Spaghetteria, which we hadn't been to before.

It was a really nice night. I'm generally pretty obsessed with photographing the food at new restaurants, but I didn't do that this time. I just wanted to live it, if that makes sense.

So, HUBS and I tried a new place, ate really good food and I drank booze and showed some cleavage. Good times, people. Good. Times.

Now, let's look around online and see what we can find, shall we?

1) Cracked has a list of some of the craziest old photos you'll ever see.

2) I'm on a photo kick this week. BuzzFeed has yearbook photos of media stars.

3) Want to see some currently famous people with bad '80s hair?

4) If you enjoy words and art, you'll want to see these obscure words described with cool graphics.

5) Finally, all my sci-fi geeks should check out Electric City, an animated web series from Tom Hanks.

That's all for now. Have great weekend times, my lovelies!

What have you found online lately that made you smile?


Geek Girl said...

So glad you had a good time! Have a great weekend!

Citygirl said...


Susan Cooper said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Who doesn't like good food and good booze... LOL. Have a nice weekend. :-), Susan Cooper

SoMuchSugar said...

Happy anniversary lovely lady!!! xoxo

Citygirl said...

Susan & Sugar: Thanks! Have a great weekend you two!

JeriWB said...

Loved the picture from the Cracked link of Teddy Roosevelt on a moose. He lived his passions and did so much for preserving the American West.

Citygirl said...

I love old pictures of anything, but they're even better when they feature crazy stuff. It's a nice reminder that the world has always been filled with oddities.


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