Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday: The Consequences Of Cabin Fever

I'm pretty sure that my depressive episode this week was greatly fueled by cabin fever. For almost a full month we've had temperatures at 100 degrees or higher, and since I seem to be getting more and more sensitive to heat as I get older, I've been keeping my ass indoors.

Guess who's tired of it? Right, me! I'm a homebody from way back, so I never thought I'd get sick of sitting at home but OH MY GOD AM I EVER SICK OF SITTING AT HOME. I'm going to have to make a commitment to get out (without running errands the whole time) at least a few mornings a week. I felt so good yesterday just sitting at the library and reading for a while.

I also felt better for writing in the morning. I noticed this when I was working on that short story competition, but because I'm me and stubborn I refused to take note: I like writing in the morning. Or, at least, making notes on my stories and fleshing out details in the morning. I'll have to work that in, too. Preferably every day. It's Do My Opposite time again. When my body says, stay at home and lay around watching TV, I'll have to get my ass up, get out of the house and go write.

Enough about my discoveries! Here's something for you...

1) Entrepreneur might be able to help you fight fears and give good talk.

2) The University of Pennsylvania's Authentic Happiness website is filled with questionnaires to test your happiness level.

3) Apparently, blow jobs are good for women, too. Don't tell the menfolk!

4) Wanna see Brad Pitt's brother Doug in a goofy commercial? Sure you do!

5) I just found O*Net and My Next Move. Both sites are good for job seekers, especially anyone looking to change careers. You can take assessment tests, search for jobs based on what you like to do and look into over 900 careers. I plan to get into these this weekend. Fun times!

That's all for now. Since I skipped Music Monday this week, I'm gonna leave you with some tunes...

Have a magnificent weekend!


Geek Girl said...

So glad you are feeling better, and glad you have a plan to keep that feeling going. :)

Citygirl said...

Yes. Now, sticking to that plan will be a bit of work. But, considering the alternative (crying, yelling at people who don't deserve it, beating myself up...) I have to make it happen. HAVE. TO.

Rita said...

Adrienne, I was going down the entries for this weeks Photo Friday Challenge and when I saw the title "Dogtown Corners" I instantly new I was going to find someone from the St. Louis area.

I scrolled around and found photos from other places in the area. One I especially liked was taken in Hermann which is just down the road from me. I then went to your regular blog and read the about me section.

The first thought that came to mind was "Boy this gal sounds like my husband" so I called him into the room and read the page to him. His first words were "sounds like she is talking about me."

We then began to read other post together and each one contained something that mirrored my husbands style or thinking. He even stated that he needed to meet you because he had never met a female version of himself.

I am just excited to find another blogger that writes about areas I am familiar with. There are so few of us (at least that I know about).

We are excited to find your blog and you can count on hubby (who I call the Old Salt) and I to be checking in with you on a regular basis from now on.

Did I miss you follow button? I'm not a big fan of Feedburner.

Susan Cooper said...

I am so glad you seem to be getting your spunk back... Yeah!!! I do understand cabin fever. I'm a home body too. That's why I try to walk everyday. It feels good and it gets me going. Stay happy. :-), Susan Cooper

Citygirl said...

Thanks, Susan. I think until it cools off, I'll be spending a lot of time in local libraries. But, HUBS and I plan to visit a couple of farmer's markets EARLY tomorrow morning.

Citygirl said...

Rita: Holy crap, there's a male me out there? Together we can rule the world!!

I'm glad to see another local on here. Can't believe I don't have a follow me button; I'll work on that for you!

Thanks for checking me out. Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne, yeah, glad you are getting out and about again. Doing the opposite of what you initially think you should or want to do. Good for you! (Depression sucks.) BTW, I have never heard of this singer/group(?) Marina and the (Diamonds?) the second part of their name was blocked. Anyway, she has a great sound. One of your favorites? Thanks for sharing.

Mumsy said...

I am glad you're writing again, and I find that morning works best for me too.

After three weeks of heat, we are having a pleasant weather these last 2 days..Hope yours get better!

Citygirl said...

Mumsy: Thanks for visiting! We've had some relatively pleasant temps this weekend and even got rain. Woo hoo!

Citygirl said...

ProjectWhiteSpace: I'm so glad you liked the music! I love Marina and the Diamonds. Their second CD just came out, and these tracks are from that release. Their first CD came out about three years ago and I loved that one. Look them up on YouTube, you can see most of their videos for both CDs there.

Thanks for visiting!

A.K.Andrew said...

Cabin Fever is just the worst whether it's winter or summer - so hard to make the most of it when it's an enforced condition. Glad you managed to break free - well done.

Citygirl said...

Thanks, A. K.! I think the Olympics are helping. It's nice to have something new to focus on when I am inside!


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