Thursday, May 09, 2013

Citygirl Bites: Milagro Modern Mexican

After falling my ass down our basement stairs last Friday and spending some time at our friendly neighborhood urgent care, I was sore, traumatized and tired. I needed a treat. And, thanks to my fairly new job we had enough cash to go out to lunch at a place that didn't reek of fryer grease and stale buns: Milagro Modern Mexican.

The food was so good that after one meal there, it's already become our new favorite Mexican restaurant.

We had a good portion of their thick, non-greasy complimentary chips and smoky/sweet salsa, and then dug into our appetizer: Carne Asada Fries.

Oh! The toasty carne asada. The seasoned fries. The well-distributed cheese so that every bite has some. The mounds of guac, sour cream and pico. Perfect and very difficult to stop eating.

HUBS feels the need to order chili whenever he has the opportunity, so we got a cup of their Statesmen Chili to share. I simply am not exaggerating when I say that this was THE BEST RESTAURANT CHILI WE'VE EVER HAD. Upon finishing one bite I declared that the next time we're there I'll be ordering a full sized bowl of it for my ownself, and if he wants some he'll have to get his own. I mean, my God, they put chunks of steak in it!

My main course was the Tacos al Pastor, featuring chile marinated pork and grilled pineapple in a soft shell. When it first came to the table I thought the tacos were a bit small, but they turned out to be the right size considering how much pre-food I'd already eaten. Plus, they really mounded up the side orders of Cilantro Rice Pilaf and Jicama Slaw (not shown). It was all so good I die a little thinking about the fact that it's not in front of me RIGHT NOW.

HUBS fell for the Cochinita Pibil Street Tacos. Yucatan style pulled pork, orange habanero salsa and hibiscus pickled onion. What is that, even? Doesn't matter if it's good! I was so full I didn't try his tacos, but I did try his side of Charro Beans. If you've had Southern style beans, these were basically that...but smokier and somehow more Mexican. Amazing!

I really can't rave about the food - all reasonably priced, by the way - enough. If I could eat there every day without feeling bad about not cooking any of my own food, I WOULD TOTALLY DO IT.

What cool places have you eaten at lately?


A.K.Andrew said...

OMG - everything looks absolutely fabulous. That's one thing I've seriously missed since I've been living in the UK, is decent mexican food. I totally took it for granted while I was in the US and can't wait to get back to it. But even in San Francisco, which like many cities has a ton of mexican restaurant restaurants, there were some that stood out as being way more authentic and delicious then others. My favorites though were in New Mexico in both Albuquerque , and Santa Fe. Can't beat anything with Chipotle peppers.

JeriWB said...

Oh man, it's right before lunch as I'm reading this. The frozen burrito I'm going to have today suddenly pales in comparison. I recently found a little Italian place that I quite like, and it's affordable. You can't beat good food at reasonable prices. When I move back to Idaho, I'm going to get carne asada at my favorite Mexican place because I haven't found many great Mexi places down South. Oh, and you won John Harnett's book of humorous essays, so he'll be contacting your shortly. Have a good weekend. I'm headed to the ocean.

Citygirl said...

A.K.: Albuquerque and Santa Fe are on our travel list; hopefully we'll be able to get there within the next few years. I bet they have some unbelievable Mexican food there!

Jeri: My absolute favorite thing is great food at great prices. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't find a good Mexican place, I love that stuff too much!

I won the book? Cool. Now I have something extra to look forward to this weekend! Enjoy the beach!

Anonymous said...

My absolute all time favourite type of food is Mexican. This looks just mouth watering. I will be dreaming about this tonight I believe :)

Chinwe Odukwe said...

Yummy food
I love Mexican food

Citygirl said...

Becc: I think I may be addicted to Mexican food, really. I never get tired of it!

Chinwe: Oh, me too. Just when I think I've found the best restaurant, another one pops up.

Thanks for the visit!


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