Tuesday, January 17, 2006


BBQ Ribs If I were capable of thinking straight Caesar Salad I'd write about something Cheese Garlic Bread lofty and important Fruity Pebbles but I can't really. I've been Potato Salad sick and am still Honey Glazed Carrots woozy from the hunger. I'm almost Foccacia afraid of what will Homestyle Mac and Cheese happen when I get my Honey Baked Ham hands on some good-ass Rising Crust Pizza food. I dreamed of Crab Rangoon food overnight. This may have Beer Battered Onion Rings been the only thing that kept me Sweet Potato Corn Bread asleep. Thank God French Fries. Even with all the Pasta Con Broccoli sleep I got I'm still pretty Pecan Pie tired. BLT Worn out, even. Must have Cinnamon Rolls been the flu. Without a Fried Cabbage fever or body aches, but Baked Pork Chops bad all the same. Every Chocolate Covered Strawberries time I thought I was well enough to eat a bit...bam! Gatorade, jelly, water, syrup, rice. I never should have Birthday Cake seen them again. Should I take it slow? Re-acclimate my Cantaloupe self to eating? Prepare my Grilled Corn Salsa stomach for the coming Carmelized Onion Quesadilla feast? I don't have it in me.

Where's my brownie...

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