Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well Now

I have a sneaking suspicion that this blog, and the ones I've come to read/comment on, only give me another means by which to allow the world to ignore me.


Chris Glass said...

I sometimes think that, but ultimately feel that it expands a community that might not be present. I certainly have gained much greater perspectives by reading about those not within my immediate arm reach.

Sarah said...

I'm not ignoring you! Anyone who loves the WB and hates the State of the Union is a-okay with me. :)

citygirl said...

I absolutely agree that one of the best things about blogs is that they open the world up. You can become aware of so much by reading them and conversing with other bloggers.

Ultimately I'll keep doing this because I enjoy having my words out there.

Thanks for showing a lonely blogger some love, you two!

Skywind said...

*quietly lurking and enjoying your words*

*and the sexy imagery, yum*

citygirl said...

Thanks skywind. I'm gonna have to check you out, too. I love that little icon, btw =D


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