Friday, March 24, 2006


Wow. I'm sitting at work right now and the boredom is just unparalleled. I am honestly having a hard time staying awake. Seeing as how I'm the receptionist, and have no privacy with which to hide my sleepiness, I might actually drift off right here out in the open. I've done it before, you know. Luckily it was the sound of the phone ringing and not my boss smacking me awake that brought me back from sleepy time. Maybe if I nap, drool and short out a major circuit we can all just go home for the weekend.

My boy thinks that the 2 hour lunches and month of vacation time many Europeans get as immediate perks from their jobs is a bit insane. He says this is why those nations tend to be less productive than us or, say, Japan. While that makes all kinds of sense, I would lu-u-uuuuuuuuuve to have a two hour lunch. I mean, for real folks, who the fuck are we kidding? If you would refuse a paid two hour lunch, raise your hand...Ok, now all those with their hands raised STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES!!

Do you know how refreshed I'd be after taking a nap, grabbing a bite and then getting back to the grind (where, truthfully, in my current position, I do little more than read blogs, surf flickr or watch movie trailers)? In fact, even though I'm still in this job completely of my own accord, I feel I deserve more time off. Just for putting up with this boring crap in relatively good humor and not coming to work with an automatic weapon, forcing everybody into a tiny windowless office, typing a separationist manifesto then a suicide note detailing my dissatisfaction with all the processes of the modern world and then blowing people away. Lord, it's a good thing I haven't told anyone at work about this blog. I'd get Dooced for sure.

Anywho...I love the idea of starting a job with a full month of available vacay time. Don't you think Americans as a whole work too much? Sure, it means we're more productive but productivity does not equal happiness. And who the hell is happy with their job? Truly happy? So happy that if you won enough cash to quit and live the rest of your life without needing to work, you'd do your job on a regular basis anyway? So happy that you don't daydream about early (like, now) retirement daily?

I've always been a pessimist, but, honestly, I don't think anyone likes to work. It's a hassle. The only consistently good thing about it is that it gives you the ability to NOT live on the street naked, dirty and hungry. If you're lucky you get to do fun things with the leftover dough. Movies, clubs, traveling, fancy dinners out or in, accessorizing. That last one is very important, by the by. My boss once got mad at me because I (foolishly) revealed that my job was 'just a job'. Just for the money. Just so I could have a roof over my head. No, sir, I am not interested in answering phones and typing address labels for the rest of my life. What's wrong with that? He got pissed off that I wasn't all pleased as pie to come to work everyday. The man really did not seem to get that there is a difference between being glad you have a job and loving to work. I suppose that's what happens when you pull in over $200K a year. No matter how little you do. Because you're the boss.

If everyone were independently wealthy nothing would ever fucking get done.

True that, y'all.


lauren said...

I feel your complete and utter pain being a receptionist because I am a *administrative assistant*- you know what that means. And I spend most of my time reading blogs, celebrity sites, etc. I just wanted to let you know that I know EXACTLY what you are going through and it ain't fabulous. If you ever get bored enough to check out an unknown blog here's my url:

grand royal said...

I agree! I used to think people who could sleep with their eyes open were weird. Now I wish I could! I would be asleep half the day at work! Since I am not independently wealthy nor do I see a move to Europe anytime soon, I think I will start playing the lottery and trolling for a Sugar Daddy!!

citygirl said...

Lauren: Thanks for checking me out and letting me know I'm not alone! I'll definetly be looking you up.

Grand Royal: Heh, good luck with that Sugar Daddy!


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