Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Adventures in Cat Hair

That shit is everywhere! Half hour in the car, and it's all over the place. I'm surprised that little beast has any fur left on his body. Thank God he's going to spend most of his time at my boy's apartment. Not that it matters, though. I'm sure I've got Tux hair on me right now. I think cat hair may be capable of reproducing on its own.

He won't sit still if you want him to. If you need Tux to move, he won't. Try going to the bathroom. He'll sit outside and wait for you to finish. He likes to jump on the stove(we've tried to break him of this but I'm sure he'll have to learn the hard way). Tux also likes to lounge on the kitchen counter and drink from the sink. There goes any hope I had left of being able to eat hairless food. Seriously.

He'll ignore Taco Bell, but if you make a cheap pizza he will NOT stay off the table. Ditto if you try to eat an orange. You ever had kitty paws on your plate before? What about kitty tongue? I made my boy eat those pieces.

We had to put Tux in the laundry room while we ate. Then there was the meowing. Incessant, pitiful meowing. As badly as I wanted to eat in peace that was hard to listen to. I heard a thud. I think Tux threw his body against the door to try freeing himself. It didn't work. Poor thing.

This is going to be an interesting interlude for this non-animal loving gal. Even so, I'm already sorta liking the little kitty monster. I mean, you know, he purred on me.


miss tracey nolan said...

I thought I was a cat person until I met my boy and discovered what really cat people are made of. He had two when we hooked up. Got me one for our first anniversary. So now we have three cats. He wanted to get a fourth last year but I finally had to put my foot down. It's bad enough people think we're crazy cat people as it is! You are going to fall in love with this cat of yours citygirl, I feel it!

citygirl said...

Three kitties is a lot of pussy (sorry, I couldn't resist)! My boy wants at least one more AND a dog when he moves to a bigger place. That might be more animal than I can handle.

And you're right Tracey, Tux is growing on me.

miss tracey nolan said...

Pussy :) hehehee


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