Wednesday, May 31, 2006


So, our Vegaspalooza is booked. I'm busy trying to decide what outfits to take, which cheap jewelry to pack and how to fit it all in one checked bag. Me and the boy will be staying at the Gold Coast for 7 days and it's a THREE STAR HOTEL. Neither of us has laid our heads in such vacation luxury before. Even better, it's across the street from the Palms which is where we'll be spending most of our time at CineVegas.

We were on our way to see his folks for the holiday; he's driving, I'm reading a trashy mag. He felt the need to interrupt.

"You know, both of our pools should be open now."
"Um, hmmm."
"I really think you should at least consider swimming this summer."
"I'd love to see you in a swimming suit."
"You can see me naked. What difference does it make if you see me in a swimming suit or not?"
"I just think you're missing out, honey. I mean, I really want to go swimming this year, but it's no fun alone."
"Ok, well, I'll go to the pool with you. Maybe hang under an umbrella while you splash around."
"Oh sweetie...It's just not the same. Don't you want to cool off when it gets hot?"
"If I want to cool off I go inside where there's AC."
"Seriously, I don't get it. And I'd basically be wandering around in my underwear."
"But it's fun. I bet if you went to one of those special swim shops they could help you pick a perfect suit, if you're worried about that. I've seen some with little skirts or cover things if you get kinda modest."
"Swim suits are expensive. Especially the kinds in those specialty shops. I don't know if I want to spend money on something I'll use a couple times a year."
"But if you get a good one it will last forever, Sugar Booms. I swear."

At this point the idea of me walking around in swim attire caused me to giggle furiously. He kept trying to convince me and I kept on laughing.

You have no idea, internet. I promised to give it a try but it's absolutely horrifying. During the summer when I was about 8 to 10 years old I took swimming lessons and went to community pools quite often. My mom was worried about my hair falling out, so I had to wear one of those God-awful thick, white plastic caps on my little brown head. That cap had to go OVER a heavy layer of, wait for it....SARAN WRAP. Oh yeah, did I mention that I was the MOST POPULAR CHUBBY GIRL AT THE YMCA? Blah.

Then, in preparation for my soon-to-be last year at the Y, I had to have a new suit. This duty was somehow entrusted to my father and the JC Penney catalog. Remember how I said I was chubby? I was so puffy that year that I couldn't fit any of the girl's suits. So what does my dimwitted daddy do? Instead of taking me somewhere to find something suitable? He buys a grown woman's swimming suit. That was red, white and blue. Also, internet? It had DD BRA CUPS IN IT. NOT. EVEN. JOKING. I was mortified with a capital MORT. This monstrosity was hideous off and hideouser on. But I had no choice, internet, I was trapped.

I went swimming in the evil, ugly suit. On what turned out to be my last day in a pool ever, I had class. My instructor was showing me the backstroke, standing behind me and gently holding me up. Back...stroke...back...stroke...back...wait. What's that? I looked behind me. I had a handful of that poor woman's right titty in my grasp. How? Fuck if I know! But there it was, and there I was. Combined with what I was wearing and what was on my head that was it. I have not been in a pool, or purposely near one, since.

If my boy agrees to buy, it is entirely possible that I'll end up owning my first swimming suit since 1985. MY ONE CONDITION: (listen very closely, boy) IF AT ANY POINT DURING THE SHOPPING PROCESS I FEEL LIKE CRYING, ALL BETS ARE OFF. NO SWIMMING. NO SUIT. END OF DEAL.


miss tracey nolan said...

OMG Citygirl! That story made me HOWL!!!

I got my first period ever swim suit shopping. I took that horrific event as a kind of omen for what was to come in my "womanhood". Blah, indeed.

citygirl said...

Thanks Tracey!

I cannot imagine the sheer terror of getting my period WHILE SWIM SUIT SHOPPING. I think that, even at such a young age, it would have caused a major coronary episode leading to my immediate death.


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