Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The boy and I are trying something new. Earlier this year we talked about moving in together, but I thought it was too soon since we'd only been together 2 months. This new thing is my idea. We'll share one living space for two weeks; one week at his smallish studio and one at my mediumish 1 bedroom. I figure it's worth a try. If we get along without killing each other (pretty much assured-we alternate evenings now and spent a total of 30 hours trapped in a car together during our road trip to & from Austin) maybe we can start doing the weekly thing on a regular basis. It'll give us time to look around for a permanent move-in place next year. A house maybe? I have no money for a down payment but I'm seriously trying to save. I can't believe I'm ready for all this, but it feels right just thinking about it so I know I'm on the right track.


I read a story the other day about how a guy lost 50 pounds by simply eating when he was hungry and stopping when he was full. Doesn't it sound like a trick? Or some kind of evil, simplistic joke? Of course I'm trying it. I started two days ago, and when I was too full for dessert - didn't eat it. Until 11pm. But it was only fruit with dip, which I thought was outrageously fatted and caloried but turns out not to be. Yay! That stuff could make tree bark edible.


This is what I'm going to do: start telling people I'm a script consultant and writer. If they ask what I've worked on, I'll explain I'm fairly new to it but am working on my first two scripts and have just started my consulting business. I'll offer up the reception gig only if they ask about my day job. Fake it 'til you make it. I'm even gonna have cards made.


Is anybody out there hot-natured like me? You know who you are. You get hot easily. You prefer winter and spring to summer. In fact, the thought that summer is coming makes you angry every year. And going outside during the heat of the day (not noon-1 pm as commonly stated, but an hour post-sunrise to an hour pre-sunset) for extended periods is not an option. You can constantly be found fanning or turning the pillow over and shifting in bed to find the cool spot. Well, I found this nifty little thing that I've been dreaming of for years-a Chillow. Oh my God! Why haven't we had one of these all along. I cannot wait for this purchase. I may even go crazy and line my entire side of the bed with Chillows. I'll never sleep hot again! I might be able to save on my summer cooling bill like this. The ways in which a self-cooling pillow can save a hot person's life are innumerable. FUCKIN' A Y'ALL!!!!!


I could use a better vacuum. I've got one of those hand vacs that you can add attachments to and make into a regular cleaner. The problem is that I vacuum so infrequently that by the time I use it, the filter gets full on about 1/5 of one room. Then I'm constantly heading to the trash can to empty the damn thing out. I get more exercise this way, but, fuck-me-all-over is it ever irritating! Hey, I should ask the boy to bring it by when he does his week at my place.

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