Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Friday!

How's it going, internet? Doing anything fun this weekend? I've got no plans other than working on the script, cleaning house and writing a review for my new job. Damn! Are we glad it's Friday, or what?

So, what's new? That film reviewer job I just told you about has hit a bit of a snag. They still need contributors but have ceased physical publication. It's now strictly a web based magazine. Most of my reviews were going to end up online anyway, so from my perspective it really doesn't matter. But, it's sad to see a locally based national publication give up the print ghost. At least we'll always have you, internet.

My day job is still crappy. Even more so now that a good friend of mine has left for greener pastures. She found out about the offer on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, the gig starts next MONDAY. Nice of them to give her enough time to leave on good terms with two weeks notice. But she had to take it, since she's moving from business to a new career in teaching and this job will have her as a TA at her old grade school.

Here's the thing, since our boss rode her ass everyday about things real, imagined, big and small anyway...this was especially not good news. He became so angry that he actually turned PURPLE. In general, I understand disliking the fact that she didn't give more notice, but the situation was explained to him. It's not really her fault. He's still all pissed that she "was selfish and put herself ahead of the organization." Fuck, man! Who the hell else is going to look out for her future if she doesn't? He even sent an email around the day after she left (she was planning to finish the week here but he told her to get her shit and go by the end of business Wednesday) blasting her publicly for leaving when everyone already knew what happened. He just needed to get that last word in. ASS JACKAL.

And he wears Cosby Sweaters.

All in all, though? It makes for an excellently interesting, maddening, exciting work environment. Drama, thy name is THE WORKPLACE.


JO said...

Jesus, I worked for someone like this and he owned the company...he was the king. he poked around til he found a sore spot, like age or weight and made under the breath comments to you about them. What an asshole. Can you look for another job or is it unique.

miss tracey nolan said...

Do you work for Steve Carrel in The Office? Lawd. Sounds like the ass jackal (love that!) is bipolar. He should medicate and then quit, no? Enjoy your weekend away from the insanity.

miss tracey nolan said...

I just followed the link for Cosby sweaters. That's a riot, thanks!

citygirl said...

Jo: My job's not unique in that I can answer phones anywhere. But I keep thinking, why leave to do the same job for more crap pay, less vacation and sick time and what's sure to be lesser insurance? If I land something in entertainment, where I really want to be, that's when I'll hit the road. Waiting it out is fucking tough.

Tracey: Steve Carrel has nothing on this guy! I have a serious case of The Monday's so I took off today and next Monday. The Monday after that is a holiday, so I'll have three, 3-day weekends in a row. I love it when a plan comes together.

ps, I was hoping to find a gallery of the Cosby Sweaters. Why hasn't anyone put that online yet?


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