Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Movie Night

We...Are movie people. We rent them. We buy them. We go out to see them.

The boy and I even have similar tastes. All your sci-fi, thriller, dramatic stuff gets us lined up quickly. There's only one genre where we sometimes differ. Comedy. When it comes time to hit the old dvd collection for mindless entertainment we always have the same issue.

"There must be something you want to see. Pick anything."

I pick something, and then...

"Well, I just saw that not too long ago. What about XYZ?

"I have NEVER wanted to see that movie."

"Oh, come on. It's fun."

"What about this?"

"Didn't we just see that?"

"You didn't see it with me."


This is where I cross my eyes and make the boy promise that if at any moment I feel myself actually getting angry because the movie's so unfunny, we will stop watching immediately. He always agrees. I always regret saying:

"Fine! Okay!"

Our pattern has led to me being subjected to Dumb and Dumber, Charlie's Angels, Fun With Dick and Jane, Cabin Boy and attempts to trap me inside with the Ace Venturas. I cannot believe anyone anywhere liked that crap. I laughed a total of one time during Dumb and Dumber while the boy guffawed until he cried.



miss tracey nolan said...

Go get yourselves some Marx Brothers movies. Right now!!! Start with Duck Soup and move on from there. It's got all the goofy stuff that will keep him in stitches and all the smart stuff that you'll like.

Plus, Harpo Marx? Hot.

citygirl said...

We've seen Duck Soup. I was most impressed by Zeppo Marx. He was the hot one. Really.

miss tracey nolan said...

You're right. Zeppo was hot. Frank Sinatra's last wife was married to Zeppo before she married Frank, you know. Hot. AND he made a fortune in grapefruits after he left comedy. Not kidding.

citygirl said...

Grapefruits! That would have made a good comedy in itself.


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