Monday, December 17, 2007

Bitch Day

Oh, man. Sunday was not good to ol' citygirl.

I woke up after a late night of Buffy and Nip/Tuck watching with FI-ance right before 11am. Did the bathroom thing and then tried sleeping a little bit more. It wasn't happening and for some reason my mind did something it hasn't done in a long while: it began to dwell on all the crap in my life that's unfinished.

There are all these things I want to be better at, more ambitious about, that I started to tally up. Making friends, keeping friends, losing weight and keeping it off, decorating for Christmas, keeping the house clean, being more crafty, spending less money, finding a better job, getting my sideline jobs off the ground, cooking more often, finishing my screenplay...

I ended up getting out of bed crying around 11:30am. The rest of the day was mostly a wash. Random irritation and anger and crying. Even with FI-ance trying really hard to cheer me up, get me talking and help out. He was so desperate that he did two loads of laundry and emptied and loaded the dishwasher...WITHOUT BEING ASKED.

citygirl: "I'm just having a bitch day."

FI-ance: "But why? I don't think the store's closing (his phrase for my monthly lady time)."

citygirl: "That doesn't always have something to do with it."

FI-ance: "Man...That'd make it so much easier."

citygirl: "You ain't shittin' kitten."


SoMuchSugar said...

HAAAAAAAa! That is so familiar.

I hope you can be happy with your accomplishments so far, and don't worry about what you are trying to 'tally-up'!

You CAN get everything done/do everything you want, and enjoy it in your own time, I just know it.

Happy holidays!! xoxoxo Kim

miss tracey nolan said...

"The store is closing" - LOL. I adore that!

I know, of course, exactly how you feel. I spent a lot of time making lists yesterday. Ugh.

Merry Christmas, Darling! xox

citygirl said...

Merry Christmas, guys!!

Maybe I can get my stuff together this weekend. Get the cleaning done, the lists completed and something accomplished...

Happy New Year!


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