Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dammit, Cat!

The holidays are a joyous time, aren't they? Tinsel and bulbs and pretty lights and things all a-glitter.

I just have one question for you folks. How in the Hell do I keep my damn Tux cat away from the Christmas tree? In the past two weeks since we put that thing up he has tried to: eat it, climb it, push it over, pull it down, jump it and continues to remove ornaments at an alarming rate.

This just proves my theory: Tux really is the devil. And he hates Christmas and wants to destroy our holiday cheer.

Fluffy fucking devil...


miss tracey nolan said...

I love that picture! Look at his kitty mouth!

Ambrose, the cat I lived with growing up was no-no-notorius for knocking down the tree, eating then pooping tinsel, breaking ornaments,etc. I look back on those times with a smile.

Not one of our three kitties today does harm to the tree. Pickles gets playful and bats an ornament once or twice when it first goes up and then she's done. It's strange.

citygirl said...

It wasn't until after I started hanging stuff on the tree that I worried about Tux's destructive kitty appetite. Man, was I ever right...


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