Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Whoa, Mama

In the interest of embracing full, radical change in the new year I did something completely terrifying on Friday. I quit my job.

Let's back track a bit, shall we?

I was called into a meeting with my department boss, MS and direct supervisor, SP. Now, MS is leaving in a few days and he has served as a good buffer to our department for the Big Boss, a man who is a bit unbalanced. Anyway, apparently I've been on BB's hit list since I had some issues with lateness a few months ago. The fear for MS and SP was that once MS left us there would be nothing keeping BB from making my working life HELL, and as a result SP's day-to-day as well.

MS wanted a frank conversation about what I felt about my job. I told them I didn't hate it (lie) but that I wasn't happy either. It's monotonous and everything becomes routine within a few minutes of learning how to do it. In short, I find it boring and frustrating that moving from the receptionist's desk didn't make me any happier with my job situation.

SP and MS said they figured that would be the answer. Then MS offered me something radical: he was willing to talk to the Big Boss and go to bat for me to have 6 weeks where I openly look for work and they openly look for someone to replace me. At the end of that time, if I don't have something new I'm out of work. And if they haven't found a replacement, too bad.

I thought about it for about 2 seconds. FI-ance has been bugging me for weeks. Prodding and pushing and fighting to get me to complete every step of the job hunt process. This would be a definite kick in the ass. So, I accepted. My last day is February 18, 2008.

I spent the weekend not sleeping well and having headaches and avoiding actually applying anywhere. I'll have to interview and put together a few acceptable outfits for said purpose. I've got searching and writing and thinking to do. And yes, the photo above shows how I feel right now. I'm scared and may have bitten off more than I can chew in SIX FUCKING WEEKS.
Wish me luck.


SoMuchSugar said...

WoW! You can do it! Just make yourself send your resume out every morning to at least a few places... (I know it sucks!!) But I bet job listings are pretty good this time of year.

You are going to be great!! Just look how you took the incentive to bravely say 'yes' to their plan!! You GO, you amazing girl!

(And you can still look around on the side even if you don't find anything in six weeks... so don't stress!)

Ron Bramlett said...

You can do it!

citygirl said...

Thanks guys! I'm scared and happy and interested to see what comes next.


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