Friday, January 18, 2008

And So Ends Another Interesting Week

Last week my bosses at work found someone to replace me. This is weird, mostly because Monday and Tuesday this week meant training newbie, AW (who actually had an internship there about a year and a half ago), and actually really liking her.

Tuesday also meant my going away party. That's right, I am now officially unemployed. There was no sense in me and AW working the exact same position for 6 weeks until my agreement ran out, so the big T was my last day at the-job-that-I-hated-for-so-long. Luckily the money will keep coming until the end of February and my insurance is good until then too. Can you guess how many doctor's appointments I made yesterday?

My supervisor SP made lemon bars for breakfast, TC took me out to lunch at a really nice buffet and my former supervisor NM made chocolate cake with "all my morsels" and cream cheese frosting. I'd wondered for a long time now how my last day party would look. It was very uneventful. There were no stories or tales of good times past, just eating and talking about random stuff, like...Crap, I don't even remember now.

Also, the Big Boss was in the office when we had my gathering but made no attempt to come into the conference room and say anything or even just eat cake. I must have really pissed him off because he usually feels the need to at least make a showing of fake support and good wishes. Oh, well.

Wednesday FI-ance and I had to go to court (more later on that) and yesterday I avoided job searching marvelously by cleaning the hell out of the house and putting away the Christmas decorations.

I've had two nervous breakdowns in the past week and a half. Last Wednesday I actually started crying at work and had to hide in the stairwell so no one would see me get all freaked out over not having a job. Then on Monday night when I got home I was depressed and overwhelmed and ate too much junk and ended up crying once at home and once at Steak n Shake around midnight.

Today I have managed to apply for about 5 jobs and find links to several more possibilities. Now I'm watching Family Guy and blogging.

Make no mistake, internet. This is really going to be a strange trip.


stljoie said...

Change can be very good...Good luck.

Ron Bramlett said...

Keep your head up!

This is an exciting time right now. But its going to be all good.

citygirl said...

Thanks you two! I need all the support I can get :)

SoMuchSugar said...

Leaving a job is always a weird, strange time, no matter the circumstances... I am so sorry, it is so stressful!! Don't worry, you will get something within the next month! You are doing the right thing, applying like crazy and looking around... You will do it!

citygirl said...

Thanks again Sugar! I now have 29 days before the cash runs out...EEEEEKKKKKK!!!


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