Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here I Go

About three weeks ago I got up early one Monday morning, put on my interview suit and headed out to Earth City, MO to reapply at a temp agency. I say reapply because it's the same agency I worked for after I graduated from college in '97, once it became obvious I wasn't going to get whisked away to Manhattan by a tony fashion mag that wanted me to be their photo editor.

On one hand this turned out good. I took all these tests: grammar, Microsoft Word, typing, Excel, sentence structure, even Power Point (which I'd never even looked at before, much less used). Except for Excel I tested as "expert" in everything. So, at least I know I'm not stupid, even though not being able to find an acceptable job makes me feel like I am. I know I definitely have concrete skills to offer.

But...This also means I'll be temping again. Basically, starting all over at the beginning again. And? Likely doing stuff I hate. Filing, data entry, answering the phones...Nothing creative, interesting. Just more of the same shitty soul-crushing work I left behind in January.

The agency needed my social security card and I didn't bother really trying to find it until Sunday. I took it in yesterday and filled out all their tax papers/agreements/yada yada.

Since I only have about a month left on unemployment it's a bit of hope for some kind of work. And yet...Working at something I hate AGAIN is destroying me.



SoMuchSugar said...

Oh I remember temping (and the feeling when I had to go back to apply for it again back when the dotcom when down, how strange & depressing it was)...

Please don't let it get you down... It really is only temporary (and something might come up in the next month, that is a long ways away!!).

Otherwise, it's kind of an adventure... And think of it as 'networking' -- a big majority of people get full-time jobs from contacts they get by temping...

(But I'm sorry. Things will look up I swear! At least you know you are talented and smart, and it's NOTHING to do with how good you are at your job!)

citygirl said...

Well, Sugar, my birthday was just enough of a distraction for me to not spend all week pissy about temping.

Let's see if I can actually keep that up DURING the temping.


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