Thursday, March 05, 2009

No. I...Am DONE.

What I will no longer be wearing.

Ok, people. I've had it. I will never, ever again succumb to the idea that a "body shaper" can be at all comfortable and actually keep my rolls in check.

I managed to avoid these things until I bought one last summer (at my mom's suggestion) to wear under my wedding dress. It was expensive and horrible and after having it on for roughly 2.6 seconds I ripped it off and returned it to the store.

Now, HUBS and I were in Target the other day and I found some cool Mossimo trouser-style jeans for only 20 bucks. They fit, but my thighs look a bit lumpalicious in the crotch-to-thigh area. I decided to try the Assets line of body shaper. It's by the same chick who created Spanx, but it's much cheaper.

I tried it on today, and, you know what? It's ass. Total ass. The package (and website, for that matter) promise that this shit is comfy and will hold your blubbery bullshit in. But none of that is even remotely true.

First of all, it was a bitch and a 1/2 to put on. I actually broke into a sweat pulling the thing on. When I finally got it up, it rolled down once it hit my back fat. Big no-no. Then, I looked in the mirror. And what did I see? Everything. Every roll and flab pocket was just as exposed as if I were naked. This crap held NOTHING IN.

Why did I not pay attention to the package? I appreciate that she makes a wide range of sizes but let's be honest. The only bitches I ever see on the packs of these things are skinny hoes with (maybe) a little stomach pooch or a couple of unfortunate ass ripples. This shit is simply not made for serious rolls and creator chick should just come out and say it instead of giving us hope by making big sizes.

There. Me? Utterly finished with ass-wipe "shapewear".


SoMuchSugar said...

ALL those things SUCK, bad. (And I don't mean 'suck-IN' like they are supposed to!) I tried some before and they are awful. And so uncomfortable! It can't be good to have red welts when you remove an article of clothing...

(Don't worry, you don't need to hold ANYthing in about your beautiful body!!)

citygirl said...

Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks this!


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