Friday, March 13, 2009

Sex and Popcorn

You know, I've had quite the fuzzy-headed day. I woke up insanely early for an unemployed person (7:27 am), because I had to try to get through to the MO unemployment people. I did not get my money this week, I got a letter saying they had some questions and would call me Monday. But, I wanted to try to get this ball rolling again ASAP.

Guess what? After getting up early, holding for about 10 minutes (not that bad for them) and talking to a chick, I still have no idea what the problem is. I have to wait for the call on Monday. I'm pretty nervous about this, especially since the phone chick was all "Wow, they usually don't need more info for an extension. I really don't know what this could be", after I read her the letter they sent. Thanks MO UE chick, I'm pretty sure I'd be tons better at your job than you.

I stayed up for a bit, playing online, eating biscuits and doing a load of laundry. Then I got into bed with a couple Shape magazines I needed to return to the library today with HUBS still asleep (he took today off). I now realize again why I can't read Shape and Self. Too many bitches losing weight and keeping it off. It's depressing.

You know what's been bugging me for almost a month now? My tailbone. After sitting in bed or on the couch too long it starts to hurt like hell. What does that mean? And who the fuck do I call to get it to stop?

Here's how the rest of my day went:

read magazines
ate lunch
napped on couch
returned things to library right before close
took cash out of atm so i can pay therapist tomorrow and hair dresser next weekend
watched McClintock! with HUBS and discovered it was ass
ate Orville Redenbacher Buttery Salt and Pepper popcorn
made HUBS make us french fries...



SoMuchSugar said...

hmmm... didn't the sexy-time, popcorn, and fries make up for the bad day (and bad magazines)??!!

I think it's time for me to order some fries too!! :)

citygirl said...

Those things certainly helped, Sugar. Getting to Saturday was even better for my mood, though.


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