Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Weekend Was...


Friday was...


A walk around the Arch grounds taking photos with HUBS
A free riverfront concert from Guster
A fireworks display over the river
A walk through the drunken denizens of Laclede's Landing
A snack at Morgan Street Brewery
A trip home at midnight that took a half hour to go 10 blocks

Snap, crackle, pop, bang

Saturday was...

Yum cubed

Cooking fried cinnamon toast, an omelet and bacon for a late breakfast
Eating Pillsbury Break 'n' Bake Cinnabon cookies right after
Seeing Happy-Go-Lucky & Grey Gardens (the Drew & Jessica version) & liking them
Taking a long nap with HUBS
Leaving at 9pm for dinner at La Salsa
Loving the new restaurant
Impulsively driving around for a showing of (500) Days of Summer
Catching a band playing in the Loop
Finding out 411 will give you movie show times

Sunday was...

Blissfully staying at home all day
Getting work done

Hope you had a good weekend too.


SoMuchSugar said...

You're so lucky, getting fireworks in August! (sounds romantic!)

Miss Tracey Nolan said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend. Food, Romance, Free Concerts and Shooting Pictures. My idea of heaven. : )

citygirl said...

It really was the perfect weekend. And, yeah, fireworks in August are very, very cool!


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