Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Call Me Crotchety McGibbons

I'm becoming mighty prickly.

I think not having a good, close group of friends is making me grouchy. See, we have these neighbors. They moved into the nice, big house next door late last fall. And since then they have proceeded to host every kind of party and get-together known to man. Housewarmings, dinner parties, baby showers, wedding showers, study groups and God only knows what else. Sometimes, like last week, they have two parties within a couple of days.

Sometimes the entire street is lined with cars...for them. Often our parking spots right in front of our house are taken. This irritates me and HUBS more than you can imagine. And, since we're both overly introspective people we know why that is. It's not because of the parking spots, really. It's because they have friends.

People who willingly spend oodles of time with them, talking/laughing/commiserating/celebrating/dining and all the other things friends do with each other.

I'm incredibly embarrassed by this. HUBS and citygirl are jealous. Jealous of nice, fun-loving people who brought us cookies when they first moved in, again on Christmas day and left Valentine's treats for us.

We've been meaning for months to ask them out for coffee. They're young and seem nice and not-at-all-crazy (unlike so many of our neighbors) and they live right next door. Aside from the fact that we've had a lot going on, I think the real reason we haven't manned-up and done it is that we're scared and intimidated. Can two people who haven't had close friends is several years (that's us) make friends with two people who have gaggles of buds (that's them)? Will they like us? Will they think we're weird and move to get away from us? They are social and they are liked, can people who are THAT LIKED like us?

I know all we can do is try, and that the worst that would likely happen is we won't hit it off. I'm really awed by my inexperience in the making-friends area of this big ball of odd we call life.

Any suggestions from the internet?


SoMuchSugar said...

Oh my god we are exactly the same way... or should I say "I" am. I DEFINITELY think you should ask them to coffee!! If for some reason you don't hit it off, it won't be a big deal, it will just have been coffee, and you won't be seeing each other very often except rarely out in your driveways by chance. That is a great idea. Maybe you could run into them in your yards and just say "hey are you busy this afternoon want to go for coffee" or even "come over for coffee" ... is there a place nearby you could all walk together?

citygirl said...

Actually, we went over to them yesterday evening so HUBS could finally intoduce himself and talked to the guy a little bit. And HUBS did mention going out for coffee sometime, which got a positive response. So, who knows?

Honestly? It is good to have that done. Feels like a real accomplishment...

Miss Tracey Nolan said...

Totally go for that coffee. They'll love you guys! I wish we lived in the same city, we'd totally be hanging out with HUBS and The Robeau!


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