Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tipday: Sometimes A Dick Is Just A Dick, Yo


So, most of the heat over this Weiner thing has cooled off, but still. It is a messy, messy mess, isn't it? And now, apparently, he's seeking treatment for an undisclosed ailment. Which, if this instance tracks with other, recent, hobag-men-in-power-cheating scenarios, will likely be some form of sexual addiction.

On today's Tipday I'm going to ask that we remember the good ol' days. You know, it used to be that when people displayed dickish behavior, it just meant that they were a dick. You did bad, low, deceitful things because you were a scoundrel, scallywag, scamp, rapscallion and villain.

You didn't have some half-assed condition *, you just had a fucked up personality. Everyone knew it and respected it, and there were only two types of 'treatment' for it. You either decided to be a better human being and stuck to the difficulties of it, or you got shot, and that was that.

Can we please go back to the days when bastards had to take responsibility for being bastards without attaching themselves to the pity bait of having a 'condition' or 'illness'? After all, you can't grow if you constantly blame your fuck-ups on someone or something else, now can you?

*I don't doubt that sexual addiction is a real thing. I just doubt that every rich guy who sticks it where it don't belong and gets caught has said condition. The odds of them ALL having it seem pretty damn slim to me. You know?

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