Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday! Meteors And Such


Ah...Doesn't Friday feel nice? Especially when it's only 77 degrees and we get a little rain to take care of the cracked, broken ground.

My weekend is going to be filled with freelance work, seeing as how I got a new gig for the website I write with most often. And, I was even able to get some additional funding for the new story I'm working on. Yee!

I also think a trip to someplace outskirty to see more of the Perseid Meteor Shower would be fun. I told you yesterday about how I caught it by accident a couple of night's ago and now I want more, baby! I like the idea of taking a nap then waking up a couple hours before dawn to give a sky show a good shot. Here are some meteor watching tips if you're into sky watching.

Are there any sky nerds out there like me? As a kid I was sure I was going to work for NASA, until I realized how much math I'd need to know. My folks got me a telescope as a kid (which I still have, but admittedly haven't gotten out in years) and I've fostered a real love for NOVA Science Now and the occasional book about physics and astronauts.

Also blowing my star watching mind right now? Google Sky Map. You can even put an app on your phone, which I did and found Jupiter in the sky two nights ago!

So, get out there and do some meteor watching this weekend. Dream of the infinity of space, my friends. Enjoy!

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