Friday, December 16, 2011

Television! Television! Part 2

Lordy, I just love me some TV! Sometimes there's nothing better than curling up with a good snack (Homemade popcorn, please!) and a great show on the ol' tube. Here's a rundown of my faves from this Fall.


1) Heart of Dixie: Look, I know this isn't the best show in the world. I actually don't quite buy Rachel Bilson as a doctor. Not that she doesn't seem smart enough, I just don't see her wanting to help people in such a (frequently) complex way. But, it pushes many of my Gilmore Girls/Everwood buttons. It makes me feel warm inside; like everything's going to be alright somehow. Who doesn't need a bit of that every week?

2) Ringer: Lots intrigue with rich people, down-on-their luck folks, druggies, Feds, cops, stuck up teens and lots of amazing clothes is keeping me glued. I wish the twins that Sarah Michelle Gellar plays seemed more different, and I could do with a bit more humor, but I'm basically digging it. I do worry a bit about the long-term story prospects for what's essentially a pretty cut-and-dry premise, but if they can keep it fresh I'll keep watching.

3) New Girl: One of my favorite new shows, it holds up quite nicely to repeat viewings. It's cute, funny and there's stuff to love about all the characters, not just Jess. Schmidt is comedy gold!


4) Suburgatory: This is my other new comedy fave of the season. It's a fish out of water story about a New York City girl who's forced to move to the 'burbs by her single dad. I know that might not sound hilarious, but it is; and they do it without a single one-note character in the bunch, even folks we barely see have sides to them. This is another show that's funny after multiple viewings. Also? Dallas and Dalia kill it every week.

5) Person of Interest: I've already detailed my main issue with this show, but they've got a nice over-arching mystery going and manage to bring the action-packed drama every week. It's a keeper.

6) Prime Suspect: I'll admit, I was not sure about this one after seeing those ads that made the lead character seem unreasonably hard-nosed. After weeks of watching, though, I can tell you that it works. Too bad it's been canceled!

7) Allen Gregory: I thought this show was quite funny and unique, though after looking at a lot of reviews online it seems I was the only one. This show? Also canceled. Bah!


8) Homeland: If you're looking for superb, real-world, suspense-filled drama and surprises galore, get thee to Homeland. It is, hands down, the best new drama on TV. Period. You must see it to believe the awesomeness.

So, there we have it. Unless some new things come along in the Spring to rock my TV world, I'll be down to six broadcast shows to keep up with. Do better, network television overlords. Do. Better.

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SoMuchSugar said...

YES to Homeland!

(Also yay Schmidt!)


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