Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday! Courtesy Of Our Friend, Tina Fey


I told you earlier this week that I was reading Bossypants, right? Well, I finished today. There are lots of good things going all through that book, but I especially enjoyed Fey's names-for-things-no-one-has-yet-named and catchy phrases. In fact, I think several of them would make awesome band names. So...

Imaginary Band Names Via Tina Fey

1) Stunted Brain Cloud
2) Crazy Assache
3) Ball of Fingers!
4) Coordinator of Toddlery
5) The World-wide Parental Anxiety System
6) The Terror Burps
7) Crotch Biscuits (My personal favorite!)

Now! Internet revelry!

1) These stupid folk could learn from these people from back in the day.

2) Positive thinking makes you taller! (Or something like that.)

3) Tired of looking at that box full of jewelry that you got every time your ex needed to apologize for doing something majorly stupid? Get some money for that shit, already.

4) Learn how deepening your understanding of health, sexuality and fashion can make you the bees knees.

That's it for me friends! Enjoy the weekend!!


Sosha Lewis said...

Loved your take on that! I loved the book and she is my ultimate girl crush.

Enjoying navigating your site. Have a great weekend!

Laura Sherman said...

I haven't read her book, but admire Tina Fey's intelligent sense of humor. Thanks for the post!

Citygirl said...

Thanks for stopping by, guys! I happen to think her book is funnier than her show, by the by.


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