Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday: Lord! The Stress!

Moritz Calisch (1819-1870), Jonge Italiaanse vrouw in gebed, 1850, Olieverf op doek photo2

Things That Are Stressing Me Out Today

1) I've been on and off my period twice in the last week...Over a week before I was due to have my period at all.
2) Paypal is being a dick.
3) My tummy hurts.
4) My back hurts.
5) Ebay is being a dick.
6) People who hire people are being dicks.

Things That Make Me Happy Today

1) Pandora on my TV!
2) Final payment arrived from dead freelance writing job!
3) Cobbling together $28 from various online survey companies/accounts!
4) Clearing out internet bookmarks I don't use!
5) YouTube on my TV!

Speaking of YouTube...

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