Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well, That Bored The Crap Outta Me


Did anyone watch Alcatraz on Fox last night? I was really hoping it would hit all my mysterious conspiracy buttons and turn into must-see, appointment viewing TV.

Instead it felt a lot like a tired version of early LOST. Not much of a surprise since J.J. Abrams is behind this show as well. It was all just so slow and lackadaisical (Though the two hour premiere somehow managed to speed by. Which was good. Because I was bored.), even the action scenes didn't make my heart race.

I was fully prepared to like it and deal with several seasons of convoluted-story bullshit. But what I got was something that didn't inspire any devotion on the viewer's part at all.

My main issue? How did the government explain the disappearance of every prisoner and guard and guard's family from Alcatraz in a way that made none of them ask any questions? You know they're never going to explain that to any significant level of satisfaction, right?

Blah. Now, because I am indeed a TV whore, I'll give it another shot to thrill me. But they better hurry the fuck up. I'm almost 40; I can't waste all my time on television that sucks!

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