Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday! Today Feels Pretty Good

It's a warm day at the end of a slightly stressful week where I got a nice amount of stuff accomplished. Plus? We might finally be done with our refinancing. Hopefully we can wrap everything up early next week - after a month and a half of dealing with numbers, paperwork and screw-ups that were not our fault. Phew! Let's get on to some interesting internet things...

1) I don't know much about this program yet, but the creator of Sessions says he just wants to help you exercise more. NanoWorkout might be good, too.

2) Make believe movie posters are all the rage. The creativity never ceases to amaze.

3) If you're a writer who constantly gets distracted by the internet, Ommwriter could be exactly what you need.

4) Are you tired of getting inundated with email updates from all your social media accounts, but don't have time to change all your preferences? Ding!

5) Forget all about that bad day and laugh a little at other people's discomfort!

Ah...Now, get off the computer and do something fun this weekend...Really, go!

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