Monday, July 09, 2012

Music Monday: New Music Week!

So, it's Monday again. We got some relief in St. Louis courtesy of a good, old fashioned rainy night yesterday. We hadn't had any major rain for about three weeks, so it had been dry and super hot.

HUBS and I also spent two and a half hours at the most extensive community pool I've ever been to. They had two giant water slides, a large outdoor pool, an indoor water slide, an indoor wave pool, a kiddie pool with bubbles and hot tub. HUBS has been talking about going to this particular pool for at least two years and I've never wanted to go.

Why, you ask? Because I hate being in public with no pants on. Because I can't swim. Because I dislike seeing bodies that are better or worse than mine. Because I dislike getting my hair wet or my eyeglasses wet. Because I don't like getting splashed in the face...I could go on, but won't. Despite my distaste for getting any part of my body wet while not bathing, I am a huge wet blanket at the pool (The beach is another story. I like beaches as long as I have some shade.)

But I went. For HUBS. And after about an hour I got a locker key, put my bag away, watched HUBS on the water slides and waded into the wave pool. After getting a 20 minute pounding, we went off the the hot tub and relaxed with the water jets. I don't need to go through this every weekend, but I'd be willing to go again at some point.

Now, we all know Monday is for music here on citygirl, but I've decided to do something different this week. Along with my usual Monday post, I'm also going to feature two new (to me, anyway) songs each day through Friday. Yay, right? Discovering new bands/artists is one of the things I love most in this world, and I especially love turning other people on to good music.

So, let's get started!

To tell me what new music you're loving lately, leave a comment below and maybe some of your favorites will show up on New Music Week!


Carlo St. Juste Jr., L.Ac, MAOM said...

Thanks for sharing some music to enjoy the Monday. I'm digging the rival sons, definitely brings back the classic rock feeling (a bit of clapton, a bit of Led). It's also great that you conquered your fears about the community pool. Buddha said the only person to fear in life is yourself!

Citygirl said...

I love Rival Sons. They'd be more famous by now if rock was still popular on Top 40 radio, I think.

Buddha was right about fear. We stop ourselves from doing so much stuff.

Thanks for visiting!

Susan Cooper said...

I'm with you on public pools, water parks or anything that requires a bathing suit for the very same reason. As far as music is concerned. I love it all. I am in France and have discovered to older French music and I love it. When I have the name of the songs and performers I'll let you know. :)

Citygirl said...

Why hasn't someone come up with bathing shorts for women? Like men's swim trunks but feminine, and not as tight as those shorts the surfer girls wear. Designers! Do this now! You'll sell tons of them!

I used to listen to this jazzy French group called Pink Martini. I think you'd like them. Can't wait to hear about the French music you're listening to!

Geek Girl said...

yeah I am not big on that public stuff either...

Citygirl said...

Right. And yet the people who have no problem with it think it's odd that we're not eagerly dropping trou so we can laze around half naked in front of strangers. Go figure.

A.K.Andrew said...

Heat and pool go together than a crowded music venue, so not to worry. I've been recently enjoying Patti Smith new CD 'Banga' her best for years I think

Citygirl said...

I didn't even know Patti Smith had a new cd out. Thanks for the tip!


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