Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Friday! Trying To Live My Own Lessons

Mom before me, in January of '72.

Boy, did I ever get smacked in the face with my own theories this week. My mom, who I've been worried about since she got laid off right after my uncle died in spring 2009, finally got a job on Wednesday. She starts work tonight.

And? I'm jealous.

I know! I just talked about this on Tuesday. PT did not get my job. Her getting a job does not mean that there is one less job for me. I have some good stuff going on. I woke up at 4:44 this morning because I couldn't breathe (that's not the good thing; anyway, I think I have a sinus infection) and ended up applying for two jobs online and filling out two applications that had been sitting around for a week.

So, I need to let you know that PT getting herself a job really does make me happy and less worried. But I happen to also be completely envious. She's applied for exactly two jobs in her three years of unemployment and she nailed the second one. I've put my name in the race for, what must be, a couple of hundred jobs and aside from two short temp gigs...Nothing.

PT will be leaving for work soon, I have to call and wish her luck, so here are some internet wanderings for your enjoyment this weekend.

1)If you're interested in continuing your education, Mashable has a list of ways to do it online.

2) Brain Pickings has had some interesting articles on sleep and why it's good for every aspect of our lives.

3) Margaret Atwood has 10 honest rules for writing fiction. This list is great for all the writers out there (in here).

4) Lifehacker has the scoop on a web app that'll let you license your Instagram pics.

5) And for a little comedy, Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is not impressed and Expendables 2 stars before they were famous.

Enjoy the weekend, lovelies!


Susan Cooper said...

I am so glad your Mom has a new job. Yours is just around the corner. I am sure of it.

Loved your list of links and I'm now going tp peruse some of them

Citygirl said...

Thanks, Susan. Let me know if any of the links were useful to you!

Natasha Younge said...

This post is refreshing - yes, we are all guilty at times of fighting the green-eyed monster. I am not as brave as you to admit it in the moment - and what a good reason to start! Great post and the list at the end is a great diffuser.

Citygirl said...

Thanks for visiting, Natasha. I don't know what it is about me, but I'm usually acutely aware of when I'm envious of someone. I've been that way for decades, since I was a pretty young kid.

Glad you liked my list. I enjoy sharing!


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