Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Friday: Yes!

Finally! HUBS feels better, y'all! Monday night he was in excrutiating-almost-crying pain for a couple of hours, and then...Calm. Sudden, blissful calm. The pain isn't gone, but he's now able to sit for an hour, before he only had ten minutes in a chair until he needed to lay down. He can sit long enough to drive himself to work or play video games on his computer. He's almost like a normal person again, and I am so, so, sososo glad!

That is the best thing that happened this week. Now? Let's look around online...

1) Creative? A new study says you're probably kinda crazy, too.

2) Having trouble staying productive? Try napping.

3) Dammit Kathie Lee Gifford! Stop dropping puppies!

4) If you've ever wondered what atrocious names classmates are teasing your kids with, Babynamer can help you out. No one ever used Ada Potato on me. But I got "Yo, Adrienne!" all the time. Had to stop talking to a boy over it. Yes I did.

5) The Awl has a great list of 21 Lies Writers Tell Themselves.


Jon Jefferson said...

Number 5 on your list was a pretty good find.

JeriWB said...

I read an article not too long ago about how creative types may or may not exhibit depression later on in life depending to what degree their creative capacity was nurtured and proctected as a child. Thanks for the links.

Lynette said...

I love link roundups. You picked some good ones too. I wish I had time to nap! lol

Bindu said...

Glad your hubs feeling better. Dropping in from LikedIn to add a comment. I am Bindhurani there.

Citygirl said...

Jon: Glad you liked it. I love sharing things for writers.

Jeri: That's interesting. I'm guessing the more creativity was accepted the less depressed those people tend to be. Am I right?

Lynette: Power napping is something I'm just getting used to. Generally, when I start sleeping I tend to go for a couple of hours. The alarm on my phone is VERY important!

Bindu: Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah. great to here your HUBS is doing well.

Crazy? They say Vangough was mentally ill and look what he accomplished.

I used to take 30 minyute power naps myself at work and people thought I was nuts. Every once in a while someone had to wake me up.

Citygirl said...

Crafty: It does seem that we now know that many of our great artists/thinkers/scientists were a bit off. It's almost like to be that smart/creative you have to walk the line a bit between madness and genius.


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