Thursday, January 31, 2013

Citygirl Bites: Taqueria Durango

Oh. My. Lord. Do you see that? It's a sandwich. That's right, a sandwich the size of a smallish plate. This, friends, is your intro to Taqueria Durango.

On a cold and snowy night near the end of December, HUBS and I ventured out to one of St. Louis Magazine's best cheap restaurants in the area. We'd never been before, but we'll definitely be back. Everything was amazingly good and plentiful. Let's talk details.

It took a while for our waitress to get to use once we sat down, but she brought us lovely homemade chips and three different house salsas, so all was forgiven pretty quickly. We ordered the above appetizer because it was something different. These are the $9 Papa Nachos. They are, hold your breath people, nachos made of crinkle cut fries instead of chips. HOLY GOD. Chicken, fries, cheese dip, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. It was...AHMAAAAAZINNNGGGG. I was fully planning to nibble a little and then leave it alone so I'd have room for my entree. I couldn't. Neither could HUBS. We ate all of it and I was tempted to lick a plate in public. Yes I was.

We'll start with this, the Torta Ahogada, which is what I ate. The above photo is a closeup of the giant sandwich in the first pic. It's pork tips and grilled onions on a bun that's covered with a spicy sauce. I know, sauce on top of a bun sounds like a bad idea. Trust me, it. Is. NOT. This was sooooo gooooood. The meat and onions were crispy. The bun was a bit sweet and tender. And, there was just the right amount of sauce on top to make it different but in no way soggy. Awesome! You should also know that there was enough food here for three meals. I literally ate off of this $7 sandwich for three days.

HUBS got their Burrito Majado. Meat, rice, beans and lettuce wrapped in a massive tortilla smothered in red sauce and cheese. I don't remember what type of meat HUBS got, but I remember that it was GOOD.

You know how you find the perfect meal and you're eating your face off and then you start to get full, but the food is so good that getting full makes you sad because you know it means you have to stop eating. That's what eating at Taqueria Durango is like. If you like Mexican food and you ever hit St. Louis, don't hesitate, just go.

What was the last really good thing you ate?


Valerie Remy-Milora said...

I love Mexican food and if I lived in St. Louis I'd run over to Durango! You make it sound and look so scrumptious! I have good eats just dinner probably stands out... we had "roladen" a dish I inherited from my mother in law -- super thinly sliced top of the round, rolled up with minced onions and bacon then cooked in bouillon for at least 2 hours! Just melts in your mouth.

Susan Cooper said...

I love Mexican food. They always have fresh flavors. I love your photos. You make me hungry. :-)

Jon Jefferson said...

Smothered fries is a weakness, add in Mexican food (especially traditional) and I am lost. The food here reminds me of a localish place for us called Ninas. They are a traditional Mexican small style restaurant. The Tamales are to die for and they have a steak that comes covered with sauce and fries on top (for gringos) or with cactus. That and some tortillas and "its all good."

Citygirl said...

Valerie: Roladen sounds so good, you're making my mouth water without a single picture! Thanks for stopping by :)

Susan: We love Mexican food, too. But it had been awhile since we'd had anything other than Taco Bell, so this was an especially nice night out!

Jon: You had me at steak covered with sauce and fries. Mmmmmmmm...


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