Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Monday: The Try

Ever feel like life is just a series of failed effort? That's how I'm feeling now. On Thursday I went to see an ear, nose & throat doc because I was doing everything my general doc told me to do but wasn't seeing my sinus infection get any better. I found out two important things on that visit.

1) Everything my GP told me to do was making me worse.
2) I don't actually even have a sinus infection!

So, yea for mis-diagnosis and taking meds that make you sicker! Now I'm putting double antibiotic up my nostrils, irrigating my nose (freaky) and taking a cheapo version of Mucinex. You know what? I'm actually getting better. After just four days. When I've been dealing with this nose crap for six months. Visits to specialists may cost $40 bucks a pop, but next time some weird shit goes down with my body that's where I'm headin'.

A lot of you really responded to my last post about dealing with change. I'm glad of that. Even as I am still mired in the seeming impossibleness of it all. Also, I've been taking care of a flu-ridden HUBS for the past few days (he's sleep-all-day-and-don't-eat sick, that's BIG for him), and in my effort to not get sick myself I've been (barely) sleeping on the couch and living in my own hazy, daydream kinda world.

But, now! The good thing about skipping Music Monday last week is that I've accumulated a lot of good music. I feel like sharing, people. Because it's easy.

Break me off some of that effort, friends. I think it's the stuff dreams are made of.


Gerald Smith said...

Its good to hear your getting better. Nice selection of music :) said...

Like you read my mind when you select your music. Thanks for introducing me to new artists

JeriWB said...

Nasal irrigation may be freaky, but it does help! I went through similar issues years ago, but if finally took an ENT specialist to help me sort out issues that left my GP grasping at.

Citygirl said...

Gerald & Crafty: Glad you like the tunes!

Jeri: The first time I did it I lost my mind a little. now that I'm used to it, though, it's not so bad.


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