Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday: 7 Things I'm Bad At That Don't Matter


I had a semi-crappy week. As such, I need to remind myself that I'm not actually bad at everything, it just seems that way sometimes. Also, not all of the things I'm bad at are life-destroying. Here's my list of stuff I suck at that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

7 Things I'm Bad At That Don't Matter

1) Brushing my teeth. Of course I'm good at brushing my teeth, technically. I'm just really, really messy at it. The toothpaste foam that forms dribbles down my chin and usually lands on my shirt. I often walk around while I brush and frequently find dried toothpaste spray around the house on mirrors, TVs, counters, tables, walls...You get it. Messy!

2) Reading books/magazines. I subscribe to seven magazines. Most of them sit in un-presentable stacks around the house for WAY longer than a month. I also have a book buying sickness, which I think I've finally kicked, but it's lead me to having a house filled with tomes I've owned for a few years but haven't even cracked the spines on.

3) Checking emails. I have three email accounts: one for family/friends and serious personal business, one for applying for jobs and one for entering contests and other crap. I can go a few days without checking any of them. Then I end up with 700 unread emails and freak the fuck out, do better for a bit and then fall behind again. Oh, well. No one's dying from this one.

4) Skipping dessert. Only happens if I'm sick or so full I might get sick if I inhale one more might. As far as vices go? Not horrible.

5) Waking up early. I fucking hate it. End. Of. Story.

6) Fixing my hair. I have no appreciable skills in this area. I would much rather wear a scarf or hat all day, every day. So, I frequently do.

7) Drinking hooch. One drink and I'm done. And it better basically taste like Kool-Aid, or I'm out. I didn't even start to get a taste for sugary, pansy-assed mixed drinks until about 12 years after I turned 21. I've never been drunk and likely never will be. I can go for several months without having any kind of booze, and I'm totally OK with that.

There's my list. Now? Internet!

1) X-Men Muppets? Yes!

2) Age, dammit! AGE!

3) People who do amazing things only have one different trait from those who don't. Simple as that.

4) Caffrey the cat only has two legs. I love him.

5) This is just fun. Also, it involves cats, so, you know, there's my wheelhouse!

That's all for me. Let me know, what are you bad at that doesn't matter?


Anonymous said...

1. waking up early
2. punctuality of any sort
3. going to the gym. my weight fluctuates every couple of weeks and I am so past caring anymore..
4. Looking consistent - some days I really make an effort to look presentable, then some days I just can't - usually cos of the punctuality thing

Honestly number 2 might be a substantial issue.

Loved your toothpaste dilemma - made me lol! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you are lucky in one way when it comes to alcohol. I personally love it WAY too much. It is a hinderance and seriously not a good thing to have when you have any type of mental health issues. I just can't bring myself to give it up.
Never being drunk is also a huge thing to be proud of. People act like asses or just a little embarrassing.
I loved this post :)

Anonymous said...

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