Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday: Jobbing!


So, yesterday was good. HUBS got a snow day at work, and I...


I know! I originally applied to this company late last summer, but kept in touch with the hiring manager. She called me yesterday and simply offered me another position. YES!

HUBS and I are cautiously optimistic, since I have been semi-burned before with freelancing, but this will be very good for my self-esteem. I'll be interviewing, writing and still working from home on a part-time basis.

Also, this means that I've been able to cross three things off my professional goal list just this week. I'm making money from writing again, I tried a podcast and I began to make honest work of one of my screenplay ideas this week by actually sitting my ass down and writing the damn thing.


And progress deserves a reward, so let's see what's new!

1) I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of reading faster, thanks to Bill Cosby.

2) How did I just find out about The Fluffington Post? How!?!?

3) Ever wonder how companies like Evernote, Instagram and Twitter make money? Here you go...

4) Daria Morgendorffer has a point.

5) I might be obsessed with funny/cute animal pics.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Jon Jefferson said...

Congrats on the job. I like the link showing where the sites and services get their money from.

MsConnected said...

Congrats on the new job! As for the links, I'm a notorious skimmer. I have to read articles for work and sometimes skimming is the only way for me to commit to reading them.

Johnny Velazquez, PhD said...

Congratulations on you new job. Hope it works out for you. Better yet, you will do well. You sound very confident about your capabilties. Blessings.

KWade said...

Congrats! Very exciting. Just goes to show that it pays off to stay in touch with certain companies that may not have the means to hire you at one point, but will keep you in mind if future opportunities present themselves.

MK Slagel said...

Congratulations! I love getting a new job. I didn't work for a little while because I was too busy with school and I started to feel like I was losing my purpose in life. It really killed my self confidence. But once I got back to working it was amazing to feel that energy and confidence coming back and rising up again.

JeriWB said...

That's lovely to hear indeed!

Leora said...

Good luck with your new job! I love reading your upbeat post.

Harmonious Flame said...

That's awesome indeed...Glad to hear about the new job! Persistence and keeping good contacts really does pay off, especially when job searching...and to be working from home...that's amazing! Congratulations..

Tracey Nolan said...

How did I miss this????? Congrats!!!

Citygirl said...

Jon: I thought that was interesting, too.

MsConnected: I'm good at skimming articles, but I have a hard time doing that with books. I tend to give characters their own accents and do other things that slow my book reading WAY down. I'm starting to let some of those tricks go when I have a lot to read, though!

Johnny: Yes. I will do well. Thank you!

KWade: I know! I was so pleasantly surprised when she called I totally forgot to ask practical questions! Luckily, it's going well.

MK: I completely understand that feeling of losing your purpose when you stop working (for whatever reason). I felt the same thing, especially while looking for work and getting no where.

Jeri, Leora, Flame, Tracey: Thanks for all the well wishes, guys!

I really appreciate everyone's congrats. They make me feel good!


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