Monday, March 04, 2013

Music Monday: February, Thanks!

Well, 2013 is moving right along, ain't she? Things are looking up for me, and I hope, for you too.

February, Thanks!

1) Thanks to the job gods for hooking me up.

2) Thanks to free workouts on HULU for making it easier for me to get in shape.

3) Thanks to tax refunds for helping us fix our plumbing.

4) Thanks to good plumbers.

5) Thanks to coffee for keeping my mornings grumpy-almost-middle-aged-lady free.

6) Thanks to chips, cheese and salsa for making me happy when I don't feel like cooking.

7) Thanks to HUBS for cleaning the kitchen LIKE A BOSS.

8) Thanks to HUBS for working his geek computer magic and getting more memory on my smart phone.

9) Thanks to GetGlue for making tv/movie watching even more fun.

10) Thanks to washing machines for seeing to it that I've never had to beat dirty clothes against a rock by a stream.

11) Thanks to for extending the discount code from last week. It's now good through 3/20/13!

This is a very good list, if I do say so myself! Now, let's dance!

What made you happy in February?


Tracey Nolan said...

Thanks to CityGirl for hooking us up with the discount code! Just ordered this little cutie:

JeriWB said...

Oh hell yeah on #7. When my husband is gone, chips and salsa is one of my favorite stand-by no-cook meals. If I'm feeling domestic, I might heat up some refried bean to go with ;)

Jon Jefferson said...

Gotta love it when tax returns bless you when you really need them.

Citygirl said...

Tracey: Great pick on that dress!

Jon: Sooooo true!

Karen Koblan said...

Glad to hear things are going great! I LOVE the Karmin song you posted. Now I need to check out this discount code you posted! I could use some new things...

Citygirl said...

Check out Karmin on Youtube if you haven't already. They're got some great songs.

And, I think you'll definitely be able to find something you like at They have a ton of vintage inspired dresses, tops and skirts.

Morgan Decker said...

The Strokes, Matt & Kim, and Karmin are my favorite! You have such amazing taste in music! And I haven't looked at the workouts on Hulu Plus, I'm totally checking those out as soon as I get home!

MK Slagel said...

You and I have so many similar things to be thankful for. I love the list. I am right there with you with chips, salsa and cheese when I don't feel like cooking. In fact just two nights ago my boyfriend and I were going to go to wing night but we had to wait to pick a friend up from the airport so instead of going to the store and buying food to make for dinner, I busted out chips and cheese. So delicious.

Citygirl said...

Morgan, they've got everything on Hulu: yoga, pilates, walking workouts, aerobics, tai chi...You'll never get bored!

And, thanks for the compliment on my music tastes. I agree!

Citygirl said...

MK: I really like doing the list, glad you enjoy it.

Tonight, by the way, it's all about pizza!

Harmonious Flame said...

I didn't know there were workouts on Hulu...I have to look that up....This is an awesome list of things to be thankful for...I can totally feel you on quite a few of them. Look forward to reading more of your posts..

Citygirl said...

Oh the Hulu workouts are awesome. Just search by the type of exercise you're looking for.

Glad the post spoke to you!


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