Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday: Today...We Shop!

Today is pay day. Usually, I'm very calm on pay day. There are bills to pay and groceries to buy...but today? Today all I can think about is shopping.

So I'm just gonna do it.

But before we buy our asses off, let's see what's happening online...

1) Writers, stubbornness will get you through that WIP. By the by, if you like fantasy novels, the writer of the linked article, Laini Taylor, has an awesome series called Daughter of Smoke & Bone. It is truly un-put-downable.

2) There are now giant, pink slugs in Australia. Just more evidence that I should probably never go there.

3) Get nervous when you have to talk to people you don't know? Here are three tips to help.

4) This animated map of eye-witnessed meteorite strikes since 921 is pretty cool. After it plays you can scroll down to get more detailed info.

5) The Talks features cool interviews of everyone from Michael Caine to Johnny Rotten.

Have a great weekend!

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