Monday, June 10, 2013

Music Monday: May, Thanks!

Wow, how sad is it that I'm having a hard time remembering good stuff that happened in May? The month shot by so fast I'm barely registering the fact that it's June now.

Alrighty, time to put on my thinking cap, 'cause here we go...

May, Thanks!

1) Thanks to the commitment to saving money, which helped me buy a new purse.

2) Thanks to men who know how to jackhammer a basement, drill holes in each cinder block, install a drainage system and hook up a sump pump.

3) Thanks to the office manager who works with those guys for giving me a $25 discount because of the light bulb they broke and the door frame they busted up.

4) Thanks to a reasonably cool start to summer.

5) Thanks to the note taking app on my phone for helping me keep track of my daily you-must-leave-the-house jaunts.

6) Thanks to Lila, my car, for still running after 15 years.

7) Thanks to my ever growing gardening skills for giving me onions and fresh basil.

8) Thanks to Tummy Drops for keeping my sensitive stomach happy.

9) Thanks to online clothes shopping.

10) Thanks to therapy.

OK, that was actually easier than I thought it'd be!

What good stuff happened to you in May?


Susan Cooper said...

I love my note taking app on my phone too for the very same thing. It just goes to show we do allot in common... LOL.

MK Slagel said...

I use my note taking app for everything! It is so useful to keep my to-do list together and motivate me to do it. It is great. It also looked like you had a lot to be thankful for in May. Not a bad months. Cheers to the next one. May it be as rewarding.

JeriWB said...

I'm with you on saying thanks for gardening. I'm excited to be getting back to my old house and yard with its raised garden beds.

Citygirl said...

Susan & MK: I tried Google Keep for a bit, it looked nice but didn't do as much as I wanted. I know a lot of people love Evernote, but I find Color Note functional but easy to use. How about you?

Jeri: Raising vegetables is simply the hardest physical thing I've ever done voluntarily. I do get satisfaction out of eating stuff I grow, though.


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