Monday, July 08, 2013

Music Monday: June, Thanks!

There's nothing like an Elvis pig to brighten your day...

Vacations are awesome things. You see new sights, eat new food and see new people. Sometimes you also sweat like a pig, eat dinner at 1 am, drive the wrong way down a one way street and get pulled over by a bicycle cop, but, you know, such is life.

I've got one big Thank You for June, and that is that HUBS and I made enough cash to take a two day trip to Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN last week. It was fun and exhausting. We went out late at night and mingled with drunk, sweaty Nashvillians. We walked down dark, abandoned streets. On my way to the bathroom a clown covered in balloon animals told me to cheer up and I smiled at him even though I was thinking Fuck you, clown.

We partook of July 4th activities. Like when we stayed at home and the ghetto heathens of our neighborhood set off what must have been professional grade fireworks. They were pretty, but, really, I wish they would have stopped that shit by midnight instead of 2 am.

Saturday evening we took the train downtown to the last night of Fair St. Louis. We saw a free show by the Counting Crows, watched fireworks under the Arch, walked amongst the drunk, sweaty denizens of Laclede's Landing and ate an expensive snack at the Drunken Fish.

June's money got us there, people. And I am really thankful for that.


Cassandra Schmigotzki said...

Glad you were able to have fun this weekend despite all those sweaty drunks. You needed a weekend away.

Those ghetto heathens sound like those in my old neighborhood. Do you live on my old street? LOL

Edward Reid said...

Nice getaway! I had to laugh because down here in Miami a friend of mine said he had never seen so many fireworks displays before. It seemed that every block had at least 2 or 3 professional grade fireworks displays. I welcome the quiet that I now experience - after the 4th.

MK Slagel said...

Vacations are amazing and refreshing and an awesome way to put saved money to use as a reward. I love traveling. I wish I got out more often.

JeriWB said...

I was in Nashville just over a week ago. It was a stop on our move back to Idaho. We saw Bob Dylan in concert, so that made the trip well worth it.

Citygirl said...

Cassandra: I doubt it, we seem to live near a special brand of ghetto heathen!

Edward: I know what you mean. We had fireworks in our neighborhood for the week leading up to the 4th and a whole week after. I'm so glad those kids finally ran out!

MK: Me too. It's so much more fun than just buying a bunch of stuff!

Jeri: Bob Dylan, huh? Fancy. The free show we saw at the Bluebird was amazing. I'm starting to like country music more, especially when it sounds kind of bluesy.


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