Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Friday: Rolling Right Along

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since we took our vacation. All I've wanted to do since we got back is not sweat and take another trip. Being someplace different revitalizes.

I, of course, have a ton of photos from our jaunt to Kentucky and Tennessee. Just so I don't overload you all at once, I've decided to divide the pics into four categories: places, people, food and details. Today? Some of the sights in Louisville and Nashville...

Did you know Nashville has a full scale replica of The Parthenon?

It's been a while since we looked around online. Shall we?

1) Oklahoma! Your peeping toms are way too freaky and desperate!

2) Wow. There are a lot more wild cats in the world than I thought there were.

3) Speaking of cats, Wasabi-chan the kitten has been through a lot. It's hard not to love her.

4) When times are tough, sometimes you need a manifesto to help you along.

That's all for me friends. Have a great weekend!


Arleen said...

Sometimes we forget that there are wonderful places in the US to visit. Your photos are wonderful and make want to go on a vacation.

JeriWB said...

My hubby and I also stopped by the fake Parthenon as well on our recent visit. It was neat to see the replica of the giant Athena statue, plus seeing the interior gives a whole new sense of what the actual Parthenon was like. The ruins on top of the actual Acropolis make it hard to imagine the Parthenon in its heyday, so I'm glad I've been both ;)

Citygirl said...

Arleen: I haven't traveled a lot, so there are still a ton of places in the states I want to see. Hawaii, Boston, Santa Fe, Portland, the beaches of Michigan...Now I want to go on ANOTHER vacation!

Jeri: You've been to Greece? Jealous...


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