Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Louisville & Nashville: People

I like shooting candid shots. I've developed a skill for putting my camera on continuous shooting mode, holding my camera down low or up high and taking pictures without anyone knowing. You catch cool stuff that way.

I miss going on photo walks. I won't be doing that now, of course, because it's too damn hot. But now that I'm not locking myself up in the house anymore, I'll have to get back into it this fall. It feels good to have new pics to show people.

Actually, there's a lot I need to get back into. I'd like to be able to blame this on the heat, but I've pooped out on those lists I made at the beginning of the year. Day to day life and my tendency to tuck myself into my comfort zone have led to, well, basically the same ol' me.

The same old me isn't horrible, it's just not as cool and fun-loving and free and determined as I would like.

It has me wondering. Can anyone really change? We all have our wild hopes and dreams. When we don't reach them, it usually seems that the reason is us, ourselves, the person who wanted to change enough to hit a goal in the first place.

The what-ifs always bog me down. Maybe you're what-ifs are positive, but mine are always negative. Now I'm thinking What if trying harder isn't in my nature? What if my view of the future is so dim that I won't be able to really accomplish anything no matter what I do? What if I have so little faith in myself that I'll continue to stand in my way?

What if, what if...What are your what-ifs?


Arleen said...

I love your photos. I found you can see so much just by sitting in an outside cafe and be a people watcher. In the South people are so much more laid back then on the East coast. It is nice to see

Cassandra Schmigotzki said...

I'm a people watcher too but never thought to take pictures like this. How do you take them without people noticing?

JeriWB said...

I love the one of the girl sitting on the steps. And that crazy checked and striped dress a bit further down is memorable as well!

Citygirl said...

Arleen: Thanks. People watching is a nice sport, isn't it?

Cassandra: If you have a continuous mode on your camera you can hold it without looking at it and shoot away. Since it doesn't look like you're composing a shot, people won't know. Sometimes you'll miss, but frequently you'll get something cool!

Jeri: Thanks, I really like the girl on the steps, too. I'm also partial to the blurry Elvis and gold dress girl shots I took at night. I think it's because they look so active with the blur!


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