Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Uggghhhh (Or, Where I Beg The Internet For Assistance)

I'm having a terribly fat day. I appear to still be gaining weight even though I'm in my 5th week of the "Body by Glamour" program. Those bitches haven't helped me. My pants just barely fit today. And to top it off I've got my monthly bloat. Hip hip hooray.

What can I do? I've stopped eating after 10pm. I try to make better choices at restaurants. I eat less fast food. I know I need to exercise more. Other than that I'm at a loss. I don't want to end up as one of those people who can hardly move, and when they do it's painful to watch. With all the huffing, puffing, sweating and groaning.

I remember college. I started wearing a size 18, and when I left I wore a size 12. I could tuck my shirts in! I could wear tight pants that showed off my booty! I felt comfortable in knits! That was a long, difficult process made easier by the fact that I had no social life and lots of free time. I could go to the gym at midnight if I needed to. And I often did. Along with getting up as early as 3:30 in the morning to exercise before class. That was serious dedication. I worked out every day. Ate three meals and two snacks. Only had sweets on special occasions. Do I have to go back to being that strict?

My greatest fear here is that I've hit my weight-loss-will-be-HELL period, which of course only gets worse from here. I mean, I'm 31 now. Why couldn't I have hit this time when I was 160 instead of 219?

Any ideas folks? What have you done to lose weight that didn't involve medications bought off infomercials or crazy diets that only let you eat one type of food?


miss tracey nolan said...

" I felt comfortable in knits!" LOL.

Advice wise, I got nothin'. Sorry...!

citygirl said...

That's ok, Tracey. As another blogger said, all I need to do is "take a walk and eat a carrot." Damn my desire for a healthy quick fix!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing Weight Watchers (chronicled at www.thefatgirlblog.com) and I really like it so far (almost a month in). It's hard, of course, because who likes changing their eating habits? Seriously, though, I like it a lot, and it might be worth a shot either online or actually going to the meetings. - Teresa

Scott said...

hey you!(name purposely not mentioned!)Hope you're doing well.. I say you should avoid fast food and give it up completely.. it's totally evil.I don't trust weight watchers or any of those diet pills either. Working out is really all I can do- I avoid sweets but still drink beer so it basically all evens out. I think you and the boy should do gym time together - that will be more motivating to wanting to do it. or so I think..

citygirl said...

We play frisbee a couple times a week and have occasionally taken walks together. I just get so lazy when it's hot it is really hard for me to keep it together. But both of us absolutely need to let go of the fast food. That was something I hardly ever ate until the boy and I started dating. and once you get addicted it's craziness letting go.


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