Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ah Ha

So the boy and I went to Tarjay last week. He agreed to buy me a swimming suit since the whole citygirl-should-get-in-a-pool-this-summer thing is his idea. You will simply never guess what happened. We went in, looked around the scant swimming section, I picked 3 full piece suits and 3 separates. I went into the dressing room and found my suit on the third try-on.

This, internet, was amazing.

I didn't cry. I did not get depressed. I didn't even feel like hiding under a blanket of cookies and cheese when I saw my thighs in all their globby glory. I found a black one-piece that hides my second stomach and covers my back fat. AND...IT DOES NOT LOOK AT ALL MATRONLY. When not half covered by water I will wrap a black shawl (circa my 1993 prom, heh) around my lower half beauty issues.

This, internet, may actually work.

Most shocking about the trip was that while I found a suit in about 1/2 an hour, my boy took two hours to find 3 pairs of pants and 1 pair of swim trunks. As he was debating, I went into the fitting room FOUR separate times with SIX totally different items each time. Amazing.

I love the Tarjay. I also bought a dress I'd eyed about two months ago on sale for $10 and in a size smaller than I usually wear (yay!), and one of those new-fangled '80s-like bubble skirts. Now, let me say that I have always hated a bubble skirt. If you were blessed (cursed) with full hips/butt/thighs you DO NOT need anything adding volume to that area. But, this skirt isn't puffy at all. It has a very gentle circle skirt type of flouncery that I found absolutely adorable on me. It's a weird putty color, but it was only $11 so who gives a shit. I'll call it neutral and wear it with everything anyway.


christy said...

Was it one of those Cherokee slimming suits? I recently went to Florida, and had to buy a swimsuit. I had a total meltdown at Famous trying suits on; went back to Target, found a black one piece (with pink trim) by Cherokee, and it hid my tummy, my back fat AND made my chest look great. It didn't do much for my linebacker shoulders, but as long as a stood with my hands on my hips it was okay.

Thank God for Target!

miss tracey nolan said...

Citygirl! I had my very first Target experience exactly 9 days ago. I am still in awe. I am wearing the adorable tank top I got there for $7 for the first time today. Oh, how I wish we had Target in Cananda!!!!

I bet you look fab in your new suit :)

citygirl said...

Christy: I think it was actually a Mossimo suit. I found it in the women's section. You know, where they allow for people who want their asses covered.

Tracey: I cannot believe Tarjay hasn't infiltrated Canada! Shame on the Target gods...SHAME!!! Of course, you must know that if there was one near you, you'd spend much of your free time and money there. Trust me on this =D


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