Friday, June 09, 2006

Well, Yeah

Internet, you'd be so proud of me. I can totally touch the kitty cat without running to immediately wash up afterwards. Even though the Tux admittedly cleans himself with his own saliva he at least does it often. I used to pet him quickly then head to the bathroom and scrub up like I was preparing for surgery. Well, no more!

I'm like, all used to his PRESENCE and stuff. Mostly. Sometimes I still get freaked by our little Tuxy. Like when I'm minding my own business alone and then I turn around and suddenly there's a cat all in my kool-aid like, "What's happenin mama, yo?" and usually I respond like "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!" all screaming and shit, cause that's how I do.

Sometimes Mr. Fluffy Face gets bitey and scratchy and one time, even though no one saw, he totally embarassed me. I was sleeping, right? I needed to turn over but Mr. Cat was right under my butt, so I moved him. He stood there for a bit while I sat arranging covers. Then our kitty buddy walked behind me, stood and put both paws on my right shoulder, then took the outside paw, reached around...AND SLAPPED ME. IN. THE. FACE. Never again will I deign to wake and move the kitty cat. NEVER AGAIN.


miss tracey nolan said...

You love him so much that you think the fact he HIT you is cute! You're one of us now...mwahahahaha!

citygirl said...

I know, I know...Damn that cute kitty cat. Damn him!

KC said...

What a great cat story! I can't believe he would hit you and I'm sorry, but I laughed. Yes, it's funny. My cat is too old to do funny stuff like this anymore.

citygirl said...

Thanks KC. I know everyone wishes they had a cat-slap story.

My life is now complete.


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