Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, P.T.!!

Mom, before me.

Today is my mom's birthday, you guys. She's 58 years old now, and can I just say again...I worry about her?

I know I've regaled you with tales of her taking care of my grandmother and, because of it, not really caring for her border-line-diabetic-high-blood-pressured self. But let me tell you what happened yesterday.

HUBS and I planned to see her Sunday to wish her a Hap-Happy and hand over some souvenirs we got from SC for her. I called to see what time would be good and suggested we bring some lunch over for her and the grandmom. Mom was enticed by the idea of Chinese food. She particularly wanted ham fried rice from the place we took all the parentals when they first met. Cool, right?

So, about a half hour before we left I tried calling in an order. Unfortunately, they weren't open for another two and a half hours. Ok, I thought, no worries. I'll call the place down the street that HUBS and I love. Except, they're not open at all on Sundays. As a last resort, I tried another Chinese place we like, but that's a bit out of the go. Those fuckers weren't open either.

None of this was that big of a deal. I was upset that mom wouldn't get her fried rice, but I figured I would just call her and she was sure to want something else. Here's why I'm worried, you guys, my mom was nearly brought TO TEARS at hearing that she was not getting ham fried rice. I mean, holy shit, folks. How small does your world have to be to cry at the possibility of having to cook.

I tried to make it better. BBQ? No, might upset the delicate balance of my grandmother's limited diet. Burgers? We eat those too much. Pizza? I don't think she can chew it anymore, plus I just had one Friday. Then my mom nearly broke down: I thought for once I wouldn't have to cook or go get anything. I don't know what to do anymore. She's tired of everything I make and everything she can have.

Crap. Shit. Crap. Crap. Shit! Now I felt horrible for making a cool it's-your-birthday-tomorrow suggestion and wished I had never done it. Mom managed to recover by telling me to just get the Chinese from the mall (you guys have a Panda Express near you, right?). Which is exactly what we did, because dammit, mom was getting her fried rice!

I wish I could make it all better. But I really don't know how.


SoMuchSugar said...

Oh darlin', I am so sorry... That is so much for you to deal with... But listen, you HAVE to know you are doing all you can -- there is NOTHING that you can later say "i should have done more" about.

It sounds like both your Mom & Grandma are invigorated and feel loved by your company & visits...

Maybe your Mom was just preoccupied with worry about her mom...? I don't know... But it's important that YOU know, that it's not YOU, specifically, she is irritated/mad at...

You are doing all you can! And you are thinking of her, and doing so much... Do not feel bad, you are awesome... you know you are always thinking of her, and doing the best you can.


citygirl said...

Thank you. That does help ;)

citygirl said...
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