Sunday, October 05, 2008

Red-Haired Temptress

Oh, God, y'all. I think I love Kathy Griffin. Have you ever watched My Life on the D List? Or seen her do comedy? Well, I never paid much attention to the woman until our honeymoon. HUBS was having an off day, not feeling particularly touristy and wanting to stay in the hotel and chill a bit. This was totally cool with me because a) it was a hot-ass bitch in South Carolina in July if you weren't under an umbrella on the beach and b) we don't have cable at home, so I finally had more than six channels of nothing to flip through.

In my rabid flipping I came upon a marathon of D List on Bravo. I was immediately taken by how goofy and honest she was. Although, if being on the D List in Hollywood gets you a fucking HUGE mansion like that...well, I think that might not be all bad. I bet Kathy has more than THREE closets in her house.

About a month after we got back from the vacay, I looked her up on You Tube and watched a marathon of her comedy specials. Freakin' hilarious. Then, a week ago Friday, I woke up at 4:15 in the morning to pee and couldn't get back to sleep. I started watching more D List on You Tube and guess what? I was transfixed. Get this, I literally spent NINE AND A HALF STRAIGHT HOURS watching her show. I only got up to eat and pee more. The only think that broke my stride was taking a shower at 3:30pm.

By the time HUBS got home around 6, I had already collapsed into the bed. All laughed out and ready for some serious sleep.

Why do you lure me with your devilish siren song, Kathy? WHY?


SoMuchSugar said...

OH MY GOD!! I am completely enamored of Kathy Griffin... I am so glad you discovered her show!! I think she is hilarious!! You have to get her full-season & shows on DVD.

(Stay cool! That weather sounds like a bee-atch.)

citygirl said...

I think pretty much every episode of every season is on You Tube. I have to limit HUBS watching with me, though, he has a HUGE crush on the Griffin.


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